The Consortium of the project consists of five partners from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia and North Macedonia. The coordinator of the project is Aetoi Thessalonikis from Greece. 

Aetoi Thessalonikis is the largest sports club for people with disabilities in Greece. The organisation works directly with about 70 children and adults with disabilities, together for the common goals of social participation and inclusion. AETOI is the unique sports club in Greece that has the
accreditation by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports to develop and implement “Sports for all” programs and one the few (organisations) certified as “body of Sports, Tourism and Alternative Activities
of Sports Recreation and Training”. The permanent staff of our organization are the physical trainers, and we have external collaborators such as doctors, psychologists, social workers, IT specialists etc.
Besides the managing board, several people are offering their voluntary work. Their goal for our staff is to get acquainted with further informal and non-formal educational techniques and to improve their techniques for promoting volunteering, supporting athletes and social inclusion. Therefore, their activities are divided in two sectors: The Sports sector and the Educational sector

BSDA is able to ensure proper implementation of all the project stages in Bulgaria and also comply all the stages of the project activities, select and send participants from Bulgaria to all the projects events, educational and research activities, dissemination actions. BSDA can also host any kind of events and campaigns, connected to physical activity, active living, sport events, youth policies, non-formal education and more. During the projects lifetime we will support the organization of the meetings, events as well as methodology and content development, advertising and visibility campaigns. Bulgarian sports development association has extensive experience in the field of youth activities, sports events and trainings. Young athletes and volunteers are an essential part of the team of the Association and for our team capacity building of Bulgarian youth and sport experts is a top priority. Over the years we have organized a variety of events focused in the development of sport and physical activity and implementing of good practices on local level in our country. Each team member is committed to the development of sport and has solid background in various aspects of management, administration and organization of NGO and entrepreunerial sector. Team members has participated in multiple trainings and initiatives under the program Youth in Action and Erasmus+.

National Sport Leaders Network (NSLN) is an association from North Macedonia. Their mission is to implement consistent and sustainable programs for the development of the sport, in particular, ensuring that children can take part in recreational and competitive sports activities while contributing to the social strengthening of the community and creating high ethnic and moral values. National Sport Leaders Network founders are experienced athletes with vast experience in international sports events, seminars, and workshops, as well as cultural activities. They believe in a joint community effort to contribute to social change. They have worked on several projects and they have organised many sports activities in collaboration with other partner organizations on a national level.

Rescue Training International (R.T.I.) offers high quality and qualified First Aid Training. We offer training in a wide target group, independently from specialization and business environment. RTI is an approved first aid training organization registered in Cyprus, offering training services world wide through it’s certified instructors network. Greece and Balkans are being serviced by RTI’s registered office in Greece. Any certificate issued by Rescue Training International, is internationally recognized. Any offered first aid training program is based to the most current literacy, always following the latest guidelines according to the international resuscitation and first aid standards. More than 45 organizations and institutes worldwide, recognize the RTI First Aid Training Courses. Training services offered by RTI include many different programs which can be taught as standalone or in a combination according to the candidate’s social or business environment and requirements.

The Belgrade Sports Union for People with disabilities is an organization with a long tradition and reputation, that was founder 1970. Activities are organized only on the territory city of Belgrade.
The work span is really wide provided by the Union for the users through more than 40 hours a week through to different professional work levels involving 15 different sport schools. We have 30 organizations with 1000 members from all parts of the city and we provide services to more than 1,550 people of all ages and all types of disabilities. The realization of the program of activities alliance shall directly cooperate with organizations of civil society and the basic partnership and support of a local government organs more accurately the city of Belgrade (Secretariat for Sports and Youth, Secretariat for Social protection), which provides basic means of the work, and make available the appropriate capacities in the sports center of the city of Belgrade. And with all school, associations and institutions that work with children with disabilities.
Our organization is striving to make people with disabilities more visible and equal in society through sports and sports activities. To help parents cope with the system, to help inclusion of their children in the community, at school, sports clubs etc. Also, we assist in understanding the law and help to improve social protection